expendable crewman (kanashimi2) wrote,
expendable crewman

when you're not thin on the internet all you see is people hating their bodies that are like yours so you hate your body too because if their body isn't good enough than either is yours, then when you are thin on the internet all you see is how people can't stand to see pictures of thin people because it makes them feel bad about themselves so then you hate yourself for making people feel bad and all you see on your body is your stupid bony chest that looks terrible and all you can think about is how ugly and horrible and sick you look.
No matter what your size you just can't win with people so it's better to not care what people think and say about bodies and just live with what you got.
It's just too bad I ended up being skinny from being sick because being sick makes it even harder to accept it being this way.
But for now I am able to eat a little better so maybe I will put on some lbs. I think my chest is done for though, now that I'm old and it already got so bony I don't think gravity and the nature of aging will allow the weight to go there and that's the one place I really want it :(

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